Tunable Column Selectivity (TCS) GC System

  • FID Detector
  • 2 On-Column Injectors
  • Dual Capillary Columns
  • Built-in “whisper quiet” Air Compressor
  • ... on the 8610D Dual Oven chassis
Tunable Column Selectivity (TCS) GC System
The Tunable Column Selectivity (TCS) GC System allows users to adjust the selectivity of the dual column ensemble by dynamically varying the temperatures of the two seriescoupled columns. The first column, located in Oven #1 (15-meter MXT-1) is non-polar, and the second column, located in Oven #2 (30-meter MXT-wax) is very polar.

By controlling the temperature and (temperature ramp) of each column independently, the overall separation can be controlled, thus tuning the overall polarity of the dual column ensemble. As shown in the chromatograms at right, a sample of BTEX+ Bromoform is separated using the same temperature program on the non-polar column, while varying the temperature program of the polar column. The bromoform peak at 150oC is nicely separated from the o-Xylene, but at 180oC, the bromoform peak blends into the o-Xylene. In the bottom chromatogram, the polar column is temperature ramped to yield a dramatic separation of the bromoform/o-Xylene, but also near baseline resolution of m- and p- Xylene. This separation is normally not possible with any other known column.

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TCS GC System
Tunable Column Selectivity (TCS) GC System