Sulfur GC System

  • FID/FPD Combination Detector
  • 1-meter Teflon Hayesep-D Column
  • Built-in, "whisper quiet" Air Compressor
  • 10-port Gas Sampling Valve with Silcosteel Loop
  • 4 channel PeakSimple Data System
Sulfur GC System
For H2S in natural gas, Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) analysis, mercaptans, and other applications where sulfur in gas or liquid is the problem, the Sulfur GC System is designed to deliver simple and reliable analysis.

The SRI Sulfur GC system is equipped with an on-column injector, a built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor, a heated 10 port gas sampling valve with a Silcosteel sample loop and tubing (to avoid sulfur decomposition), a 1-meter Hayesep-D column packed in Teflon tubing, and a combination FID/FPD detector.

The dual detector combines the hydrocarbon selectivity of the FID with the sulfur selectivity of the FPD in one detector body. The FID responds to all hydrocarbons, while the FPD responds to sulfur-containing molecules, but also has a small response to large hydrocarbon peaks such as the methane and ethane in natural gas. The FID/FPD detector is useful in this case to identify the large hydrocarbon peaks so as not to confuse them with the sulfur peaks which are typically present at low ppm levels.
Sulfur GC System
Product number:
8610-5670 Sulfur GC System