Cryo-Sulfur GC System

  • 60 meter Capillary Column
  • 10-port Gas Sampling Valve
  • Combination FPD/FID Detectors
  • CryoCooled Peltier Trap Accessory
  • Vacuum Pump and Interface for Reproducible Sampling
  • Built-in, ″whisper quiet″ Air Compressor
  • 4 channel PeakSimple Data System
            ...on the compact 8610C chassis
The SRI CryoSulfur GC comes with everything you need to detect low-level sulfur compounds in gas samples. Since some sulfur compounds do not trap well, the CryoSulfur GC uses the CryoCooled Peltier Trap Accessory to enrich the sample, providing lower detection limits. Like all SRI traps, the CryoCooled Peltier Trap Accessory is plumbed as the loop of a 10-port gas sampling valve. It can cool down to -15° C for sample enrichment. After enrichment, the CryoCooler is heated (up to 200° C) and the valve injects the sample onto the 60 meter capillary column. Once the sample components are separated by the column, they are detected by the Flame Photometric and Flame Ionization detectors.
The CryoSulfur GC uses a vacuum pump (included) to draw gas samples into the CryoCooler. You can sample ambient air, or use the provided adaptor to connect a Tedlar bag. The vacuum pump interface, which is an electrical outlet on the left-hand side of the GC, allows the vacuum pump to be turned ON/OFF by the PeakSimple data system to provide consistent sampling times.
This chromatogram, generated by an SRI CryoSulfur GC, shows the FPD response to 10ppb hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S), as enriched by the CryoCooler at -10o C.
CyroSulfar GC Chromatogramm
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CryoSulfur GC System