Capillary FID GC System

  • FID Detector
  • 30-meter Capillary Column
  • Built-in, “whisper quiet” Air Compressor
  • 1 Channel PeakSimple Data System
  • On-Column Injector
  • ... on the compact 8610C chassis

Capillary FID GC System,FID Detector
The Capillary FID GC System is a state of the art, general purpose temperature programmable GC in a compact, low-cost package. It includes everything you need to separate and detect fuels and other hydrocarbon compounds. In addition to a wide range of general gas chromatography applications, the Capillary FID GC System is excellent for both environmental testing and quality control applications.
The 30-meter capillary column can efficiently separate hydrocarbons up to C40+. The On-Column Injector for 0.53mm capillary columns is good for liquid and gas samples with high and low boiling analytes - no boiling point discrimination.

The built-in, “whisper quiet” air compressor provides a nearly silent supply of combustion air for the FID detector, so an air cylinder is not required for most applications. The optional Split/Splitless Injector upgrade allows for the use of 0.32mm, 0.25mm and smaller capillary columns. Our H2-50 Hydrogen Generator can supply enough hydrogen for carrier gas and FID combustion gas, including enough to operate a Split/Splitless Injector for short periods.
Capillary FID GC System,FID Detector
These six chromatograms resulted from analyzing various fuels with one of our Capillary FID GC Systems. The chromatograms reveal the characteristic hydrocarbon range and fingerprint of each fuel. All six runs were performed under identical conditions.

Product number:
Capillary FID GC System
8690-1080 FPD/FID combination detector
8690-0085 Dual FPD with sulfur and phosphorus filters
8690-2085 Dual FPD with sulfur and phosphorus filters, and FID collector electrode