Model 420 Cannabis Analysis GC

Lowest cost solution for detecting THC and CBD Fully functional Gas Chromatograph for only.

  • Flame Ionization Detector
  • Built-in Hydrogen Generator
  • Capillary Column
  • PeakSimple Data System & software
Model 420 Cannabis Analysis GC

The SRI Model 420 Gas Chromatograph ( GC ) is an ultra low cost and easy to operate GC which measures CBD and THC in cannabis and concentrate samples with the same accuracy as vastly more expensive and complicated laboratory instruments The Model 420 is equipped with a built-in hydrogen generator so only water and electricity are required for operation.

Why send samples to a lab when you can measure CBD and THC yourself in minutes at a cost of less than 25 cents per analysis. Everything you need to begin is included in the kit except for:
1. A Windows computer with USB connection ( laptop OK )
2. Distilled water from the grocery store ( about $1 )
3. Denatured alcohol from the hardware store ( about $15 )

You get:

1. An electronic balance to weigh the sample
2. Six extraction bottles
3. Calibration standard-enough for 400 analyses

Samples that can be tested: Flower and Extracts
Standard Column: Restek 2M x 0.53mm I.D. 5um MXT-1
Carrier: Hydrogen, supplied by a built in hydrogen generator. Only requires distilled water
Detector: Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Data system and Software: PeakSimple Data System, and PeakSimple software