Since 2008 SRI Instruments Europe GmbH manages the European marketing and support for gas chromatography equipment from SRI instruments, Inc. The gas chromatographs made by SRI instruments are characterized by a modular setup which allows a flexible adaptation to different analytical problems. Beside the wide range of pre-configured GC systems for a lot of different standard methods special systems can easily be built to meet customer's needs.

Another advantage of SRI gas chromatographs is the fact that the instruments are built up using standard parts. This results in easy execution of repairs without long waiting times for special parts. The instruments are utilizing a reliable electronic which operates even under rough conditions. This makes the use of the instrument outside the laboratory possible – even in mobile laboratories. The electronic inside the gas chromatograph is built using standard parts also. By this replacement parts are easily available.

Data acquisition and examination is done using the PeakSimple data system. The software package which is delivered with the instrument is running on Microsoft Windows. Software updates and newer version are available on our web pages for free download.