XYZ-Headspace Sampler for air samples and incubation experiments

The new “Greenhouse Workstation” distributed by SRI Instruments Europe GmbH is an openly programmable XYZ-Autosampling System.

Based on the wide paths of the XYZ-axis you can use sample vials up to 1 liter for incubation experiments. By using 500ml sample vials the number of sample vials can be increased accordingly.

In combination with an SRI Instruments “Greenhouse GC” all the gases that are relevant in climate monitoring (Methane, Carbon Dioxid and Nitrous Oxid) can be analyzed with a cycling time of only 4 minutes.

With its 210-position-vial rack for 20ml Headspace vials you can analyze up to 346 samples per day.

xyz sampler greenhouse incubation SRI Instruments Europe
Greenhouse Sampler with European Greenhouse Gas Chromatogarph SRI Instruments