Heated Split/Splitless Injector

  • Adjustable from Ambient to 300°C
  • Narrow or Wide Bore Capillary Columns
  • Split, Splitless, or On-Column Modes
  • Adjustable Split Flow
Stainless steel liners
Stainless steel and Silcosleeve™ liners are shown above with a megabore column adapter.
The Heated Split/Splitless injector permits the use of narrow-bore capillary columns (0.32mm I.D. and smaller) in split or splitless modes. Capillary columns with 0.53mm I.D. and 1/8" packed columns can be used in split, splitless, or on-column modes. The injector temperature is adjustable by means of a precision needle valve, and can be turned ON/OFF with a timed Event from the PeakSimple data system. One Silcosleeve liner and one unbreakable stainless steel liner are supplied as standard equipment with the injector.
Heated split / splitless injector
The Heated Split/Splitless injector is insulated to help maintain its temperature independently of the column oven temperature.