HT300A 110-Vial Liquid Autosampler

  • Holds 110 2mL or 2.5mL vials
  • Interfaces with SRI and other GCs
  • 15-Step Automatic Injection Sequence
  • Direct Injection, No Transfer Lines

The HT300A Liquid Autosampler is made to meet the high throughput liquid injection needs of your GC analysis. Like the HT200H Headspace Autosampler, the swivel head design simulates the movements of manual direct injection and eliminates the need for transfer lines, as well as leaving the injection port free for manual injections. Up to 10 analytical methods, including function speeds, may be stored in the HT300A's memory.
HT300A 110-Vial Liquid Autosampler
The sampling system eliminates air bubbles, and the variable fill speed allows for a wide range of sample viscosities. The syringe may be washed with solvent or sample.
Operating Specifications

Sample volume
steps of 0.1uL
Air volume
steps of 0.1uL
Aspirating speed
0.1uL - 100uL/second
Needle washing
up to 15
Air bubble removal
up to 15 strokes
Viscosity time
1 - 60 seconds
Syringe sizes
1, 10, 25, 50, 100uL
(1000uL large volume version)

Injection speed
0.1uL - 100uL/second
Waiting time before
& after injection
1 - 60 seconds
Injection depth

Product number:
8690-3000 110-Vial Liquid Autosampler