FID - Flame Ionization Detector

The Flame Ionization Detector is the most commonly used GC detector, responding linearly from its minimum detectable quantity of about 100 picograms to almost 100%.

  • Hydrocarbon Selective
  • Robust, Linear, Stable
  • Detects Down to 1ppm
  • Unique Ceramic Ignitor can run HOT continuously to keep flame lit
Flame Ionization Detector
The FID responds to any molecule with a carbonhydrogen bond, but not at all, or poorly, to compounds such as H2S, CCl4, or NH3. The FID response is very stable from day to day, and is not susceptible to contamination from dirty samples or column bleed.

The SRI FID employs a unique ceramic ignitor which can run hot continuously, immediately re-igniting the flame even when presented with large water injections or pressure surges from column backflush.

The FID is thermostatted in an aluminum block up to 375oC, and is equipped with an electrometer amplifier with HIGH, HI-FILTERED (for extra noise immunity), and MEDIUM gain settings. Hydrogen and air flow are controlled using Electronic Pressure Controllers (EPC) for high precision. The optional built-in, “whisperquiet” air compressor can be used to supply the air for the FID, eliminating the bulky air cylinder.
If CO and CO2 are target analytes, order our Methanizer accessory (page 71) for the FID detector. The Methanizer allows the FID to detect low levels of CO and CO2 by converting them to methane without changing their retention times. Thermostatted to 380oC, the Methanizer is a special catalyst jet which can be removed for normal FID operation.
Flame Ionization Detector
Product number:
8690-0010 FID detector
8690-0081 Methanizer accessory for low level CO & CO2
8690-0070 Optional 120VAC 60Hz built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor
8690-2270 Optional 220VAC 50Hz built-in “whisper quiet” air compressor