Enrichment Coils

  • For nonchromatographic Stream Monitoring Applications
  • Thermal Modulation of gas samples for Lower Detection limits
  • Fit up to 4 Enrichment Coils in an 8610C Column Oven or on a Model 110 Detector chassis

Enrichment coils use thermalmodulation to enrich gas samples for quantifiable peaks. Consisting of a length of resistively heated wide bore capillary column, they can be used in a GC column oven or on a Model 110 detector chassis for nonchromatographic stream monitoring applications.
Enrichment Coils

Thermal modulation causes many analytes like toluene to adsorb on the enrichment coil until it is saturated and reaches equilibrium, usually amatter of seconds. Upon heating, the analytes desorb from the enrichment coil, producing a peak which can be easily measured, rather than a barely discernable shift in baseline level.
Enrichment Coils
The chromatograms below show a nonchromatographic monitoring of a stream. In the first chromatogram, a slight baseline shift is the only clue that the concentration of the stream has changed. With the enrichment coil, the shift between 1ppm and 2ppm concentrations becomes obvious.

Product number:
8690-0091 Enrichment coil