LNI Swissgas Hydrogen Generators

H2 PG Plus

Ideal for FID and chromatography and economical alternative to high pressure gas cylinders, the PG-H2 Plus is the ideal fuel gas for the GC-FID's or as reactor gas for other types of detectors in gas-chromatography.

Other hydrogen applications include flame gas for total hydrocardon analyzers, sulfur analyzers and air-pollution monitoring systems.

The PG-H2 Plus is a "No Maintenance" system.

Models H2 PG Plus:
(No Maintenance):
Purity 99.999%:
Flowrate : 100,160,250,300,500 and 600  ml/min:
Pressue : from 0.5 to 10.9 bar

Schmidlin H2 PG Plus

H2 NM Plus

Ideal for FID and GC, this generator is an economical and safe alternative to high pressure gas cylinders. The NM-H2 Plus has been designed to replace helium or nitrogen as carrier gas. This high purity hydrogen generator (99.9999%) offer important advantages over helium or nitrogen in terms of analysis speed, sensitivity and resolution. Other hydrogen applications include total hydrocarbons analyzers, sulfur analyzers or air-pollution monitoring systems. The NM-H2 Plus is a "No Maintenance" system which requires a very limited footprint and offer silent operation.

  • High security with limited gas storage and several alarms
  • Gas generation on demand
  • Earthquake / shock sensor for critical locations
  • Exclusive automatic regeneration technology on the dryer part

Models H2 NM Plus:
(No Maintenance):
Purity 99.9999%:
Flowrate : 100,160,250,300,500,600, and 1000 ml/min:
Pressue : from 1.4 to 11 bar

Schmidlin H2 NM Plus