H2-50 氢气发生器

  • Use Distilled Water from the Grocery Store!
  • 30-100 Hours of Continuous Operation on 1 reservoir of water
  • Produces 50mLs/minute at 35psi
  • Lightweight and Portable

The SRI H2-50 hydrogen generator gives you the ability to produce hydrogen gas economically and consistently, right in the laboratory, or wherever your GC field work takes you. Its small size makes it lightweight and portable. Its external power supply, equipped with its own transformer, allows operation on various voltages throughout the world, or it may be plugged into a car cigarette lighter for operation.
H2-50 氢气发生器
The H2-50 produces 50 milliliters per minute of hydrogen gas at 35psi using readily available distilled water from grocery and convenience stores. The H2-50 can supply enough hydrogen gas for two 火焰离子化检测器s, in addition to providing the GC carrier gas. During operation, it also stores enough hydrogen gas to operate a split injector for short periods.
H2-50 氢气发生器
Using hydrogen as carrier gas increases analysis speed, making overall analysis time shorter, translating into time and money savings. More analytical runs can be made, and hydrogen carrier results in better column efficiency. Because of the long-term expense and safety hazards associated with the use of compressed gas cylinders, many analysts are turning to hydrogen generators to supply their gas. For an initial investment, the generator will pay for itself and save considerable expense over time, compared to the ongoing costs and safety hazards of cylinder rental, storage, and transportation. Since the H2-50 stores just 160-250mLs of hydrogen gas at a time, explosion hazards are avoided. With the H2-50's go-anywhere power supply and the ability to use grocery-store quality distilled water, you can perform analyses around the globe without the hassle of compressed cylinders.

Product number:
H2-50XR 氢气发生器